Sam Degiglio Jr.

PlayerID: 10110
Gender: Male
City, State: Summit hill, PA

Included are leagues and tournaments from 2016-01-23 to today.
Tournament Date Games Points Average
Mountain Top League Tournament 2017-20182018-01-06724334.71
Lower Carbon County Dart League 2017-182017-12-191445332.36
Panther Valley Dart League 2017-182017-11-301858032.22
6th Annual Bob Bendar Memorial Dart Tournament 2017-10-14723433.43
Kroh Lucas memorial 20172017-08-19413032.50
2017 Battle of the Bars2017-04-22415137.75
2017 ABDA National Championships - Division B2017-03-18412832.00
Heights Gun Club Tournament 20172017-03-18724234.57
Tamaqua East End 2017 Coed Dart Tournament2017-03-111549633.07
Panther Valley Dart League 2016-172017-03-0146147732.11
Lower Carbon County Dart League 2016-172017-02-2144134030.45
2017 Summit Hill Diligence Fire Co. #1 Dart Tournament2017-01-28926129.00
2017 Blue Ridge Rod & Gun 80%2017-01-2139331.00
Bob Bednar Memorial Dart Tournament2016-11-051241234.33
2016 Crossroads Inn 3rd Annual Season Kickoff Dart Tornament2016-09-10516232.40
5th Annual kroh/lucas memorial tournament2016-08-20512424.80
2016 Sons Of The American Legion Dart Tournament2016-04-09618530.83
2016 ABDA National Championships - Division C2016-03-281550333.53
Lower Carbon County Dart League 2015-162016-03-2139110628.36
2016 ABDA National Championships - Division B2016-03-19826132.63
Official ABDA Adjusted Average--->272